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Welcome to HumanLink International Manpower Agency! If you think that all recruitment agencies are the same, then I’m delighted that you have decided to read our brochure.  Most businesses use a recruitment agency to  select  the best candidate that matches their business needs and you can be sure of the standards with HumanLink International Manpower Agency. We also believe that providing a recruitment service is about working in close partnership, understanding business needs, and providing a tailored solution that delivers absolute convenience and fast return on investment.

•         We deliver cost effective services

•         We enhance clients’ business performance

•         We ensure compliance with employment legislation  

•         We reduce client administration time

•         We provide talented candidates who become an asset to your business

•         We guarantee a speedy response to fill up vacancies  


HumanLink International Manpower Agency provides a first class recruitment service for the industrial and commercial sectors. Consistently matching clients with the right caliber of candidate on a temporary or permanent basis. Our highly qualified  team of recruitment professionals,  who together have over  50  years of recruitment experience, are what makes us a real recruitment force. Humanlink has built a reputation based on a solid foundation of reliability, integrity, knowledge, respect, efficiency and thoroughness. We have since gained recognition by innovation and continuous improvement of our services in the human capital industry. Our experience and expertise cover the eclectic employment needs of different organizations.  Whether you need blue collar or executive staff, be it for temporary or permanent placement, Humanlink has dedicated teams to provide the relevant services. Although our clientele may come from different industries, our consultants have proven time and again their commitment, adaptability and most importantly our ability to deliver results. Our approach is to provide the right solution to your employment needs, so please give us a call to discuss the value and opportunities of working with HumanLink International Manpower Agency.  




Rosalinda C. Veloria


HumanLink International Manpower Agency

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