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Business Procedures


a)    Manpower Request
b)    Recruitment Agreement
c)    Special Power of Attorney
d)    Master Employment Contract
e)    Photocopy of the Principal/Employer’s Commercial  Registration in English
f)    Photocopy of Passport of Employer’s Authorized Signatory
g)    Vicinity Map

Note: The POLO/EMBASSY may require additional documents during actual verification process.

Step 1) Once signed by the Employer's Authorized Signatory, the documents listed above have to be submitted to the POLO for verification by the Labor Attache at the Philippine Embassy.

Step 2) After the verification, submit the verified documents for authentication, to the Consul General at the Philippine Embassy.

STEP 3) After verification and authentication, send all the original documents to us via courier for our onward submission to the POEA for accreditation. If POEA has comments on the documents, they will notify your company through us. If none, they will proceed with the registration. The procedure takes up to two weeks to complete.


All expenses to be incurred in securing verification and authentication of the recruitment documents are the Employer’s sole responsibility. While with respect to expenses in subsequent accreditation registration processing of the said documents with POEA are to be shouldered by us free of charge.

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