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a)    We shall undertake the screening and pre-qualifications of workers
base on Employer’s qualification standard which you will provide prior to the recruitment. A list of pre-qualified candidates, together with their CV’s, shall be submitted to you in advance prior to the interview.

b)    With written approval from the Employer, all expenses for ads
publication shall be shouldered by the Employer.

c)    Our office being registered by POEA, is the official venue for
interview and provided by us without additional cost to the Employer.
Should the Employer however require a hotel venue for interview, it shall be provided by us but charged to the Employer. Holding interviews outside our registered office, however requires prior permission from POEA in compliance with their documentary requirements.

d)    Upon confirmation of interview schedule we shall make the
necessary arrangements with all concerned parties. It is the Employer’s sole prerogative whether to conduct interview in person video conference call through Skype. If face to face interview is opted, we shall arrange hotel accommodations for the Employer’s delegate at its cost including airline tickets for its delegates. While local transportation will be provided by us for the entire duration of the interview free of charge to the Employer.

e)    Employer’s representative conducting the interview shall sign the
interview sheet indicating whether the candidate being interviewed is approved or disapproved for hiring. If approved for hiring immediately, a job offer is prepared for signature by Employer’s representative and acceptance by the approved candidates.

f)    Upon acceptance of the job offer, the worker shall undergo a
mandatory medical examination with an accredited clinic. If found medically fit to work, we will immediately notify you to secure and provide the requisite work visa and process deployment.


a)    Medical Examination
b)    Mandatory Insurance
c)    POEA (Overseas Employment Certificate) Processing
d)    Request of Ticket – Schedule is client’s discretion
e)    Deployment - anytime from release of exit travel permit from POEA

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